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Existing Auto Industry Trends Are a Blessing in Disguise

In the last few years, auto industry trends are changing substantially. They have affected inventory and CRM because consumer’s habit of purchasing car has changed. Some auto industry trends on road are –

Pre-owned is preferred

Customers see value in buying pre-owned cars. New car sales have dropped short of 17 million and new cars sold are the SUVs, light trucks and crossover vehicles. Hybrid and electric models have displayed steady increase and predicted to account for 5% new car sales this year.

Car subscription services got introduced

Car subscriptions are very appealing for people residing in huge cities and do not need to handle car rentals or sharing. Big car brands have designed subscription plan for customers including maintenance, insurance, tax, and registration fee in monthly payment. People not desiring to commit get the opportunity to ride new vehicle each month or week.

Customer spend less time at showroom

Online car buying through specific car websites is appealing. Potential consumers research online and spend less time at a dealership. This goes against your skills to get traffic but fortunately you can cash on it. Use automotive CRM software to follow trends. Stock plenty of cars your demographic seek and thus attract consumers who practically sell to themselves. Thus you spend less time in salesmen negative tactic like pushing hard-selling cars because now you have the appropriate tool which displays you to stock sellable cars from the word ‘go’.

Competent auto industry trends to make your task easy

Digital inventory management

Just synch DMS inventory with CRM tools. Vehicle photos and details are stored and accessed on many devices to wide range of prospective consumers. Stock sorting is much faster and customers are satisfied because they get car information as soon as possible.

Automated communications & reminders

Keeping track of communications like incoming leads, sales appointments, deal in progress and consumer follow up is challenging. Evolving auto CRM tool help to digitally organize appointments as well as update consumer’s files all through sales process. Reminders and pre-scheduled messages can be set to cultivate your existing customer relationship. Customers get a good overall experience.

Improved mobility

Mobile dealer software synched with CRM dashboard allows to sell car from your phone. Even if you are all wrapped in business with vital client in another state, you get access to their deal information and can send them inventory pictures to ensure they get the desired car before they go to your competitors.

All this means dealers need to consider CRM seriously. It enhances team efficiency and stops you from losing customers.

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