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Few Common Problems That You May Have with Mercedes-Benz Cars

If you look at the frequently diagnosed problems of Mercedes-Benz cars then you will find that few problems are quite common with all the models of Mercedes cars. Therefore, the service stations can easily diagnose the problem as they come across the same problems again and again.

Following are few common problems that any Mercedes Benz service people can always tell you.

  • Gear shifter does not shift from the parking mode

Those who are driving E and S class of Mercedes cars must have faced this problem quite often. You can start the engine and run however the gear shifter will not move from its position unless you run the engine. Generally, this problem happens due to failure in selector module. Therefore, whenever you face this problem then you must understand it as a sign of wear out.

  • Engine cranks but it does not start

This problem occurs in most of the Mercedes models, the culprit is usually the position sensor of crank shaft. If the sensor does not give necessary signal then it does not fire the engine. Usually before the problem starts you will experience longer crank times.

  • Rattle during the start

During cold season, usually some of the engines of Mercedes car will rattle during initial 15 seconds. This generally happens due to wearing out of belt tensioner. If the rattle continues further then it can be due to water pump pulley.

  • Runs very rough and check engine light gets on

Check engine indication may come due to a number of reasons however the rough running is an indication that the engine misfires and hence it should be determined if the misfire is in any single cylinder or all cylinders. Sometimes this problem occurs due to failure of mass air flow meter.

  • Rattle from rear suspension

Rattle in the rear end of the car can happen due to a number of reasons however the most common among them is due to brake in the lower portion of the rear spring. Sometimes the spring breaks and when you are driving then the broken spring rattles.

  • Fluid leak under the car center

Most of the older models of Mercedes Benz has this problem where the transmission leak takes place at the center of the car – usually it is red fluid. There can be a number of sources for leaking however the most common source is the electrical transmission plug which is attached to the transmission side.

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