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Holiday Digital Gift Ideas: The Top 5 Options Worth Looking At


The holiday season is here already. If that means anything, it is that a lot of gifts should start going around soon. Before it gets to the buzz season when everyone is in the rush to get something, you should know just what you would be getting your loved ones already.

Now, that is where the problem is for many – what to get!

Trust us when we say that this does not have to be an issue. In fact, we have found digital gifts to be one of the ideal options to get you out of such binds. Here are some other reasons to consider these digital gifts:

  • Trans-boundary: Digital gifts allow you show love to loved ones and family members in other countries. It is also an amazing way to appreciate/ gift your online friend (gamer buddies, pen pals, etc.).
  • Cost-effective: Even though you might want to go all out on gifts, getting a savings is never a bad idea. Given as these gifts can usually be shared over the internet, you save on shipping costs that you would otherwise have incurred.
  • Last-gasp gifts: Have you exhausted all other gift options? Digital gifts cover a broad spectrum of categories and you’ll usually be able to find something your giftee loves here.
  • For those who have it all: It is usually hard to get these kinds of people something – anything at all. Since they seem like they have it all already, what best to get them? Surely not another material gift. A digital gift it is, then.

Top Digital Gift Options

Ready to start shopping digital gifts for your loved ones? Make sure you check out the following categories

  • VPN

We shouldn’t even have to mention this before you considered it. A VPN holds so much promise that it should be the very first thing on your shopping list.

While it would be most appreciated by a friend living abroad, those staying in the country will also find good use for one of these softwares.

Irrespective of where the giftee is, a good VPN will:

  • Allow them access to geo-blocked content when they connect to another server location
  • Give them access to restricted streaming services e.g. a Netflix VPN will allow users stream Netflix content like they were in the region such a content was created for
  • Allow the user browse deals and secure their payments when shopping online
  • Protect their internet data when browsing the net
  • Overcome censorship of websites and popular networks such as Facebook which might be present in their country and so much more.

How best to make sure a big smile is spread across their face when they see your present?

  • Steam Gift Cards

If you have a gamer buddy that you so much love, look no further than a Steam Gift Card for them. This is so much better than giving them money to go get something else. It is also better than going all out to purchase them a game yourself.

This way, you can allow them an in-house credit which they can commit towards securing a game that they have been looking at. Anytime they load up such games on their console, you will always come to mind.

  • Media Subscription

Great audio and video content are now hosted on multiple platforms with different subscription services. If you have access to such, you can share your subscription with a friend for a limited or extended time.

You could even buy them their own subscription packages and hand them the keys. What a way to improve their quality of life, fun and entertainment?

  • Burner Cards

Credit and debit card fraud is rampant these days, and the numbers are going up. Besides, many want to pay for stuff but don’t want their names associated with such transactions.

The best way to make this happen for them is with the aid of a burner card. This makes the giftee’s payments more private, secure and with more convenience.

  • Premium web services

Just like online stores do, online services do offer a basic plan and a more advanced one for willing users. Many see these advanced plans as a luxury and would rather stick to the basic stuff.

Find out what service your giftee loves the most and upgrade their experience this holiday. You won’t know just how important that would be to them.

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