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Reliable GPS Trackers for Your Most Valuable Items

These days, when you lose something, you aren’t always at a total loss. In fact, when you take advantage of today’s technology, you can often recover lost items pretty quickly. With a reliable GPS tracking system, you can keep an eye on your most personal items or the items that you lose most frequently and figure out their exact location after you lose them.

Cell phones, keys, wallets, and even pets can benefit from a tracking device, and they are small enough that they can slip into a wallet pocket or attach to a keychain or dog collar.

What Is a GPS Tracker?

GPS tracking a particular item is extremely simple and only requires a cell phone and a locator device. The locators are small, thin devices that sync with your phone. The locator attaches to the item that you don’t want to lose, and once it syncs with your phone, you will be able to view its location, and you will also be alerted when it is a certain distance away from your location.

Given that losing items is unpredictable, you need a device that can survive under any circumstances. With strong batteries and durable, waterproof casings, the Blaqwolf locator is a reliable tracking device that won’t lose signal if put under stressful circumstances.

Signal Range and Range Restrictions

Your locator will have a signal range, which can reach as high as 100M. As soon as your locator gets that far from you, will be alerted immediately so that you can take action. Sometimes this means you left your item at a place and need to turn around, or your item was taken, and is on the run.

However, if you don’t want to wait until the item reaches maximum distance, you can create a personal perimeter so that you are notified sooner. For example, if you have a pet that is notorious for running off, you can attach the locator to his or her collar and set a perimeter that surrounds only your home. If your pet exits those boundaries, you will be immediately notified.

Never Lose Important Items

Losing important items is never convenient, but a solid GPS tracker makes it possible to never lose the items that are most precious to you.

Sometimes you lose your keys or your wallet and spend several minutes searching, and it’s not always guaranteed that you will find what you are looking for. With a GPS tracker, you can avoid being late to work or worrying about whether or not your item fell into the wrong hands. Your tracking system will tell you the exact location of your item so that you can quickly pick it up and be on your way.

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