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Things to Know About Mix Parlay in Betting

Mix Parlay, as the name suggests, is a betting product that includes multiple events from different matches and allows punters to bet upon them in one go. This product does not club the sections from the same event or also ignores those events where results of one are affecting that of another. The mix parlay is designed to offer quick betting on different events and also to multiply the payouts.

Which sports can be included in the mix parlay?

The sports that have lots of events happening and the action is changing every moment qualify to be the part of the mix parlay. Often it happens that cricket, football, and tennis matches are happening simultaneously in different parts of the world. The mix parlay is applicable to:

  • cricket
  • football
  • tennis
  • hockey

Mostly, the events occurring in these sports are completely independent of each other and have no commonality among them. Thus, it becomes possible to club the events of these sports together and create a mix of parlay.

What is the minimum number of selections required to make a mix parlay?

To qualify for any clubbing of events to become a mix parlay, the total numbers of events are 3. There is another feature of a mix parlay called combo parlay that modifies the mix parlay further. In combo parlay, each event is selected. Then, multiple possibilities of the same event are bet upon. For example, when you choose to bet on the events – 1,2,3 4 – you can have multiple bets nominated as double, triple, four-fold, five-fold and so on. The combo parlay, thus, allows placing multiple bets on different events at the same time. The minimum choice of selections is 3 in combo parlay also and it can go as high as 8.

How to place the bet in mixed parlay?

At online betting sites like Ufabet, you will find a mix parlay option. When you choose this option the number of events and the possible selections appear on the dashboard. You select the odds placed on player or event from different games and add to the mix parlay to create one. If any removals are to be made, it is done before confirming the bet. Before putting the final bet, check all the details to avoid any error or confusion and then click the submit to place the bet. In case you want to abort the bet, you can click cancel and start creating a new parlay from scratch.

Advantages and challenges of mix parlay

Mix parlay is designed solely to increase the earnings from the bet. When you are selecting a number of bets and they all win, it actually multiplies the payout as compared to what you deserve in case of a single bet. The downside to the mix parlay is that all bets have to win. A single bet can result in losing the whole parlay.

Hockey is one of the sports where parlay is most commonly found. At Ufabet online betting site, you can also find a mix parlay option for tennis, cricket, football, and a few others.