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Tips for Maintaining Mercedes-Benz Cars

Many of your friends or family members must be driving their old car for many years. As a matter of fact, they should sell that old model and go for a new one even though the old faithful car may run for another year.

The owner must be routinely following all the maintenance schedule to keep it in running condition so that the life of the car is extended year after year. If you also go for regular maintenance schedule of a Mercedes car, you can surely achieve a good mileage. Recently a car of 1976 model was reported to have been running for 2.8 million miles in Greece.

Following are few basic steps that you need to follow in order to maintain any Mercedes Benz vehicle. There are few regular inspections that you need to do in order to ensure longer life of the car.

  1. Inspect the hoses and belts

In case the cooling hose is burst or the timing belt is broken, then you have to waste full day at Mercedes Nashville Service and also it would be an expensive overhaul. Therefore, regularly inspect and check whether it looks spongy or fat. If you notice any changes it must be immediately replaced. Also, check all the belts and if you notice any crack or nicks then replace them. This you can do yourself and save the labor cost too.

  1. Fluids and filters

For any engine oil is the lifeblood and therefore its level must be regularly checked. Similarly, oil filter need to be changed after certain period. It is also necessary to remove the contaminated oil. Therefore, make a regular inspection schedule for checking the level of oil and their quality.

  1. Check the condition of tires

You must always maintain proper pressure in the tires in order to extend their life. Low pressure not only reduces the life of the tire but also reduces the mileage of the car. You may have to bear more fuel cost by keeping the tire of the car inflated.

  1. Check the lights

Occasionally you can either call your friend or any other member of family and ask him to help you check all the taillights, headlights, reverse lights, emergency flashers, turn signals and brake lights.

  1. Keep it clean

You must regularly wash and clean your car so that no dust or bird droppings may get settled on the car for a longer time. Make sure that the interior condition is maintained well.

Your car is one of the major investment and hence you must take good care of it.

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