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Well Usable Models That You Can opt for in The Kitchen Range

A kitchen range having all the required features to help you cook in the best way. Every home cook prefers to have the best cooking range at affordable price. Kitchen appliances market is flooded with a range of cooking appliances, thus choosing the best from them is quite a task.

You can choose from two categories of kitchen range model.

  • Fuel type: The appliance can have power from gas and electric.
  • Design type: It can be free standing product, Drop-in range, wall oven or slide in range.

All the kinds have varied benefits and even vary in prize.

Few popular models of kitchen range available worldwide:

Gas range: This is one of the most popular appliance that is mostly preferred by chefs all over the world for its multiple benefits. You just need to have gas connection. The other benefits are:

  • You can change the heating level in fraction of seconds.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Consumption of less energy.

Electric range: This is mostly used by experienced chef who prefers to bake a lot. There are coil stovetops which is less expensive than smooth tops. The best advantages of using this kind of cooking range are:

  • Looks elegant and enhances the look of the kitchen.
  • The heat is evenly spread, thus for baking items this is the perfect choice.

  • Smooth top ranges are expensive however easy to clean.
  • Dual fuel range: As the term indicates you can use both the modes of fuel. Those who give equal importance to baking and cooking like to have this model of cooking range.
  • Quite expensive, however worth buying if you love to cook and bake delicious food.
  • Fuel consumption is more, if used wisely termed to be best help in kitchen by cooking experts.

 Design Type models:

  • Free standing range: It is the most sold and cheap model as it can be installed in any place. The best feature is that they have back cover protecting the wall from spills.
  • Slide in model: This is customised model that needs to just slide in the wall suited for it. They give a cleaner look to the kitchen.

  • Drop in model: It doesn’t touch the floor rather installed on top of the cabinet shelves or on kitchen counter.
  • Wall oven: It is an oven installed in wall, expensive but quite useful. Even though its capacity is large, it provides free space in kitchen as it is wall mounted.

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