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What Are The Common Issues Faced By Mercedes-Benz Car Users

Though Mercedes Benz models are made to deliver high performance, they can experience wear and tear with prolonged usage. There are a few common issues that you can find in a Mercedes-Benz car.


Rust is a very common problem in any car. Trunk area and license plate are the two most important places where you can find rust. Users of Mercedes S-Class, E-Class, ML-Class, C-Class, etc. will come across this issue. When facing this problem, you need to perform a thorough inspection.

You need to get a flashlight and properly inspect your car. Now, look close to the bumpers, under the wheel wells, front fenders and rear quarter panels for any sign of rust. On finding rust, it is recommended to get the car serviced at an authorized Mercedes Nashville service center. For people who are planning to buy a car, should not invest their money in rust prone cars.

Loss of oil from engine mounts

Engine mounts are generally filled with oil. The main objective of them is to confine the engine vibrations in a space and prevent it from getting transmitted to the cabin. As they are filled with oil, they tend to fail and start losing the oil.

This can result in excessive vibration in the cabin, on the seat, as well as on the steering wheel. If you find that your engine mount has failed and caused excessive vibrations, then it is better to get it replaced by a new one. There are several online stores where you can get a new one at a reasonable price.

Wear and tear in the ball joint or front control arm

Ball joints, control arm bushings and sway bar link on “used” Mercedes-Benz vehicles tend to damage sooner than you can expect. One of the prominent causes for its failure is suspension issues especially if your vehicle has run for more than 100k miles.

Broken window regulator

Based on user’s experience, window regulators are seen to fail on Mercedes-Benz C-Class and ML-Class. They can easily get replaced. You need to get it changed with a window regulator at any authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership. This can also be done by car owner if they have knowledge and patience to do this job systematically.


Understanding these common issues would help you take appropriate measures to deal with them. Accurate identification of an issue typically saves you a lot of money.

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