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Worthy benefits of vaping as against smoking – Know why you should switch

It has been more than a decade now that vaping came into existence and still there are ongoing debates about whether vaping is actually better and safer than smoking. Though in comparison with smoking, vaping is a rather new concept but it has gained enough momentum pretty quickly. All over the globe, electronic cigarettes are being used and their demand is growing among the users who are trying their best to quit smoking forever.

Majority of the users are sceptical about the safety and health impacts of vaping and the increase in vape stores and vape shops all over the world tells you the story of the popularity of these electronic devices. Nevertheless, before you make a conscious switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, make sure you read the reviews on vape pens at

#1: Lesser toxic chemicals

There are several types of harmful and toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. Cyanide, nicotine, lead, arsenic, ammonia and carbon monoxide are a few to name among them. You will be rather alarmed to know that there are 24 harmful chemicals which are released from the smoke and which can all cause cancer. On the contrary, e-liquids that are found in e-cigs contain VG< PG and other flavors which are all FDA-approved.

#2: Not addictive as cigarettes

Since there is nicotine in tobacco cigarettes, they are considered as extremely addictive and the smokers find it pretty hard to quit. On the other hand, the vape liquids don’t contain nicotine and hence they are not at all addictive like their tobacco counterparts.

#3: Less harmful to health

Smoking has always been associated with lung cancer, respiratory diseases, mouth cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It has always been proved with evidence that smoking is badly injurious to health and it is also printed in the cigarette packs. The carcinogenic chemicals are produced from different chemical reactions which arise due to the combustion of tobacco. Since these chemicals are not present in electronic cigarettes, they are much less harmful.

#4: Assists in quitting smoking

There are several electronic cigarette users who have taken to vaping just to quit their habit of smoking. There are evidence that several chain and regular smokers which are reported to stop smoking for at least 3 months by utilizing vaping as the best way of quitting smoking.

Therefore, whenever you’re concerned about the ways in which you can quit smoking and take to vaping, you can keep in mind the benefits listed above.

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